Member Success Manager? What bollocks is this?

I’m a cartoonist, not a Chuckle Muscle Activator or a Pencil Pilot. This job description thing is getting a little out of hand. I used to work, later in my career, in a so called proper job where it was deemed that I was a Customer Account Manager, that was bollocks too, I was a salesman and proud of it.

It seems like everyone theses days is looking for a job description that is never negative ( as salesperson might be, I blame Death of a Salesman by Miserable Arthur Miller. Married to Marilyn Monroe, what had he got to be miserable about? )

This morning we got a very fine bunch of flowers for a birthday ecelebration and it came in a clear gel. Not knowing quite where to put the gel, I asked the people who sent it what was the best thing to do. The reply was from a Member Success Manager.

Too silly.dooleyrumblegrumble343