Stroud Wassail and the Mug of the Year.

Contrary to popular belief the Mug of the Year is not Teresa or Donald, it’s the Stroud Wassail Mug which has just been delivered to the fine Subcription Rooms in Stroud. Beautifully illustrated by Alison Merry and designed by my good self, they are there to celebrate the Stroud Wassail which is a medieval celebration taking place in January in Stroud. Find out more about the goings on that will occur right here: Unlike Teresa, Donald, and all that shower this lot will raise your spirits and we are likely to need that in January! Continue reading Stroud Wassail and the Mug of the Year.

Where are we?

So here we are with not long to go before another year is on us. A big thank you for all those people who took the trouble to follow and like what I do here. I decided to do some “proper drawings” as my dear Aunty Anne told me one time. Cartoons are proper drawings I muttered at the time and they gave me a living for many years. I’ve always been interested in more than cartoons. I’m keen on photography and other people’s work. Which is why I chose to start a small website a year ago It’s … Continue reading Where are we?