Bruce the builder, he can fix it!

Everyone’s a film start here in LA including the guy on the stairs here, take a closer look at him getting his publicity photos ready for the big push into film land. He’s wasted in the building trade. He has the look of Bruce Springsteen, and I bet he’s in a tribute band. Rock on! For the time being though, the star of this picture is the building and not the builder. I had no idea that this guy was doing this when I took the picture. Continue reading Bruce the builder, he can fix it!

Bucket building, bucket meals.

Americans seem to have no shame about eating out of a bucket with their fingers. I’m all for informality but not on this scale. They even design their food emporia to look like a bucket, as witnessed in this shot taken in L A in January. They’ve exported the idea to us and KFC is rarely seen being eaten with a knife and fork. How long before the trend to silver service returns? A long wait I fear. Continue reading Bucket building, bucket meals.