Truck stopped

In addition to posts about the exhibition:Where it all started:, I’m determined to get to the end of my L A pictures. I’m keen on this one, as I like trucks and it looks great in the winter sun.

Where it all started:

55 picadilly

This place is where all the people in the poster below started their degree courses back in the 60s. I used to sit in one of these windows looking out more than down more than I should I suspect. Now a hotel and not very five star, this building housed the graphic designers of the future. Not difficult as there were few graphic designers of the past.

And occasionally at the end of a days drawing or designing we’d repair to the Alsatia Cafe, which was part of the greasy spoon franchise that you could find anywhere in Manchester in those days, now replaced by Pret a Manger or Greggs and some such like.

Those were the days of high risk in dining out, so not much had changed.

The show goes on and on, like I will be doing, until the 14th February, and is in what we called at the time, the main building, but now  called the Benzie Building in The School of Art in All Saints, Manchester.



The site of the old Alsatia Cafe yesterday, it looks like it has not survived after we left!