This is well worth a look.


This seems to embody everything that drawing should be about.It has movement and as far as I’m concerned there’s not a thing wrong with this, every mark seems to count and it has energy and dynamism in spades. One can feel the bulk of the horse and the feel of that relaxed rider who like a good horsewoman ( and I’m pretty sure it’s a woman on board here ) feels completely at home on the back of this creature.

You can find more examples of drawings like this right here.Julia Midgley

If you want to see more of Julia’s excellent work then buy yourself a ticket to Manchester and go and see where she learnt how to do this sort of thing.



Going on and on!


I warned you I’d be going on and on about this and here I am doing it again. My old friend David, on the far left in the picture below, found this picture of four of us from all those years ago. I have no idea what it was taken for and neither does he. I’m next to David with Alan Lofthouse on my right and Jim Coley on the right. I never really did get a proper job, but the rest were all in very worthy employment. David became Senior Vice President of All things Creative and Master of Tidy Layouts for a huge Advertising agency, Alan became a Master Wordsmith. Jim , who sadly died in 1981, was a brilliant graphic designer and had started his own design consultancy in the late 70s. This is a rare photograph of him. I scraped by living off my drawings of people with rather large noses. Someone has to do it.