Here’s where it started really.

I went to art college before they became polytechnics and then university wishing to go into advertising as it seemed to be populated by cool people. While in my humble job in advertising it became the habit of friends to ask me if I could “do a leaving card for so and so cos you can draw a little bit”. I did loads and when I was made redundant I seem to remember that I did my own.

I loved doing the cards, as it gave me the excuse to be rude to some of the humourless people ( very few ) and to celebrate the ones I liked.

I ended up drawing for a living as advertising would not have me back after redundancy. So they all did me a bit of a favour. I don’t do many cards these days, and only when I want to. In today’s case my erstwhile client Robin is celebrating a birthday. He was such a good client to work for we became good friends, and he has been loyally buying my stuff for years. He’s got more of my work on his walls at home than I have.

Happy Birthday Robin!

Time to consider an alternative to candles?