House 19. Ship inspired perhaps?

Looking like a luxury yacht at anchor this place is near Larchmont in Los Angeles. Most of the house around here are in a range of styles from faux Mexican villa to English Country cottage on steroids. This one was quite different, and lovely in its way. Super lines and some clever tree planting. TheContinue reading “House 19. Ship inspired perhaps?”

House 18. Red house, Ontario.

I doubt that the little red wooden house here still exists. It was in Ontario, Canada, where we went a few years ago and was really the last holiday we had with the kids in tow. Heading north east from Toronto we were looking for the end of a family trail. We did rather underestimateContinue reading “House 18. Red house, Ontario.”

House 17. Cable Street, London

In a typical Lancashire way my Aunty Winnie, who used to make a massive meat and potato pie for us whenever we moved house, had a way with words. Not unlike the great Hilda Baker who’s , comedy routine was based on getting the words slightly wrong but in an odd sense right. “Those evangelistsContinue reading “House 17. Cable Street, London”