A day out in “The Capital of Bread” with the Wassailers.

Looking forward to a day out in Stroud tomorrow to take a look at the Wassailing. It’s a brilliant excuse for a fun day out with the addition of dancers and music throughout the day, it helps that it’s the same day as the famous Farmer’s Market where one can buy some brilliant locally produced food and goodies, as well as an excuse to buy locally baked bread from the Sunshine bakery in the Shambles. I call Stroud the “Capital of Bread” as it has several bread shops where locally baked excellent bread can be bought, and a Greggs! Sunshine is my own personal favourite.

For more information on the dozens of performers going over there and be sporting themselves just click here, it’s really quite impressive.

House 9. Orkney, an awkward commute.

The term ‘far out’ would be more than adequate description for this place which is on the route to the Old Man of Hoy. It’s situated just after you get off the ferry to the island. People climb up the Old Man of Hoy which is a tower of Rock in the sea just on the edge of this very far flung part of Orkney. People who climb the Old Man must have no sense of self preservation.