Day 19. 49 km. Josselin-Pontivy Total 939km

Originally posted on Vélo Odyssée to U.K.:
Beautiful crisp morning as we left our hotel this morning. Hardly any people on the tow path. We stopped to take a walk around this very pretty lake. A good time for Huxley to do some doggy exploring without having to race after bicycles. Another 24 km for Huxley today. He, rests in the basket for a few km, then whines to get out and run again! As much of the cycle track is under trees, it is the time of year they are releasing their abundance of nuts and… Continue reading Day 19. 49 km. Josselin-Pontivy Total 939km

On course betting

When I worked at Haydock Park, there were no mobile phones. This I’m sure has changed though it’s many years since I have been at a racecourse, even though Cheltenham is just down the road. The bookmakers on course used tic tac men or were adept at the secret sign language themselves.There is one glaring inaccuracy in this rough drawing and that is the tic tac man looks cheerful and my more current memory is that bookmakers rarely looked cheerful, it made them look as if they were winning. Bad for business. The Race Days at the course were generally … Continue reading On course betting