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Leckhampton and by the River

When is say “ by the River” I mean by the Severn which runs through Gloucestershire. These two buildings have looked like this for years. The one at Leckhanpton Hill, from where on a clear day you can see the River. The other close by the River in Purton. Top photograph taken in 2008, bottom one around two years ago. What I like about these images and places is that they don’t seem to change much. The old farm buildings at the back of Leckhampton Hill have looked like that for years. The farmer uses them but has no need … Continue reading Leckhampton and by the River

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Cathedral Sculpture

Another little piece on the Cathedral in Gloucester. Some years ago they decided to give some space, both outside and in, to a modern sculpture exhibition. It took some organising on their part and the printers I worked for had the task of producing the catalogue. The idea was a great success in almost every respect and brought people into Gloucester who normally would not venture there. Dozens of sculptures arrived by heavy lorry and were strategically scattered around the grounds and the building. So successful was it they did it again a couple of years later. These two images … Continue reading Cathedral Sculpture

Back to the coalface…

I’m going through a whole raft of images, deleting some and remembering others and why they come about.In a week when we are being constantly reminded that fossil fuels are no longer acceptable it seems sort of right to remember that some of us were brought up in that age. This is the site of an old coal mine in Yorkshire and like all these things these days has now become a heritage centre.The railway line is now maintained as best they can by a local train enthusiast’s group, but the local feeling is that it’s unlikely that trains will … Continue reading Back to the coalface…