Chocs away!!

My latest collaboration with Andy Harden this children’s book follows on from out first Henry Mouse books that did so well for the school last year. We will be working on another one in the coming year too. This went on sale at the school last week when we launched it in front of all 400 children at the school. Great to see such a lot of happy smiling faces and getting a round of applause from all of them, including the teachers, gave me the feel good factor for the rest of the week. The book can be bought … Continue reading Chocs away!!

Missing person

I published this on here some years ago and sadly my friend Gordon who wrote the book, has since died. A sad loss. I still have my one copy of the book and some very happy memories of working with this grumpy Yorkshireman, who was not quite as grumpy as he seemed. Events. They get in the way of blethering away on this, but I have been taking the opportunity of a wet day to get this back in some sort of order. This drawing has several lives. It started as a safety drawing for a company of builders over … Continue reading Missing person