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Buy prints from here

PontA2landscbikesfYou can buy prints of my work from here.
Click on the links below to take a look.

The first link is to my series on the British Character, after the cartoonist Pont. Prints are sent directly to you from The Print Space in London and are of the very highest quality.

The British Character Prints

The next set of prints is called Apt Names and is my take on people with unusual or apt names. You may know someone with such a name, if so then let me know. I’ll do a drawing of them, sometime.

Apt Names Prints

Lastly here’s the final link, this one is still a work in progress and another of my hairbrained schemes, this time literally. It’s all about haircuts for men.At present just one of all the haircuts to choose from, and one of an individual haircut. More will follow in due course. Take a look.

Cotswold Wildlife and Hairy Blokes

From my other site you can see more about me and what I do.

My other place where you can see lots more

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