Is it something in the air in Sheffield?

Perhaps it’s a Yorkshire trait, this naming fish and chip shops or indeed any retail outlet, with some sort of play on words. I’ve featured Codraphenia here before which is a small fish and chip shop in Walkley and has a drawing of a fish on a scooter in the window.


New cod


I’ve been to Sheffield again and on the bus up to Walkley ( again) spotted this one.

I mentioned it to my son who lives in these parts and he said that least it’s not as bad as the hairdressers around the corner who’s name is ” Curl up and Dye”. They’ve closed down. Serves them right.

A fine collection of names and a fan of the Who, it must be Yorkshire.


So I’ve just been on a visit to the delights of Sheffield, and delightful it is. Wonderful city with friendly people and a huge number of personalised car number plates and shops with ‘funny’ names. There’s a part of Sheffield called Netheredge and it’s only natural to them to call your barber’s shop ‘Edge Cutters’, but the one that really took the biscuit is this little fish and chip shop.The owners must have thought long and hard about a suitable business name, and obviously being a fan of the Who, came up with this gem.

I only realised that they had a drawing of fish on a scooter when I downloaded the image to my computer for a closer look.Give the man a chip!