Double f’s

Double f's

I was asked to do some illustrated double ff.’s.
It’s something to do with Friday’s and am a little bit in the dark about the exact use to which this will be put, but here’s one of the drawings.The lights on, I was working late on a Friday, but my office looks slightly different to this.

Naughty step.

Naughty step.


Cartoons were originally used as fillers for magazines that had either not filled the advertising space or to make up for a journalist that could not think of an additional 100 words of golden prose to fill out his piece.

In a sense this is a filler, an old drawing that I dug out late at night to post about emails.It was done for a company to discourage the over use of emails and appeared in their magazine.One wonders if this sort of thing is remotely effective, and I mean both this blog and the original drawing. I’d like to think it’s one of the great unknowns but it’s not, it’s a tiny unknown.

So there you are, this week you are victim of a filler. Thanks for popping in.