Spiderman lives locally.

  Not a lot of people know that Spiderman lives here right in the heart of England, but now I can reveal with this exclusive picture. Poor chap looked a bit down at heel and thin, could have benefitted from putting on a few pounds and perhaps  a bit of a ‘work-out’. He was heading for this Pizza place so I’m hopeful that they will give him a nice filling snack, after all he is returning their sign to them by the look of it. Continue reading Spiderman lives locally.

Zetrud Lumay

On the left an image from a photo on a postcard from 1944 of a small street in Belgium where my father was billeted during the battle to regain Belgium in World War 2. On the right , the same street yesterday. My father was in the Welsh Guards and in the 1st Battalion Guards Armoured Division that liberated Brussels. They passed through here later. Dad is now 91 and his memories of the time are clearer than ever. He stayed here with a Belgian family. We are looking for them…more on this later Continue reading Zetrud Lumay