“…a corrupt policeman prodded my biscuits…”


Driving along listening to one of those morning programmes on Radio 4 that are described as ‘magazines’, I heard a radio presenter describe a television presenter/judge on a famous baking programme as “looking like a corrupt policeman with a swimming pool he had not properly earned”. It was a description that made me laugh because it seemed to describe the chap perfectly, and I cannot put my finger on quite why it was so accurate.Not only that but this presenter had actually been on the ‘Bake-off’ programme and had suffered having his biscuits prodded by this erstwhile arm of the law, who to my knowledge has never been with the boys in blue.

I hope they meet again soon and that our ‘baking man with a tan’ remembers his colleagues colourful description of him.

Meanwhile if anyone can think of a caption for this drawing then please let me know, it has to be about company morale building.I have one, but yours might be better than mine. I pay nothing.