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Help is on its way…

Help is on its way...

Sometimes one churns out ideas and something comes out of what the Americans call ‘left field’ and there it is. A five minute sketch that seems to work, or does it? This is the sort of idea that is like a seam of coal.You can dig out loads of variations on the same theme and they might all be wrong and be just very poor grade nutty slack that won’t engage anybody. That aside it’s worth lighting a match and trying it out, I’ll never know.



Apparently there are truckloads of advantages for business and recruitment if they use pinterest. This is new to me, but interesting. This drawing commissioned by a local recruitment company.I like drawing trucks, many moons ago I used to drive them, non this big, but big enough.
I’ve joined pinterest as a result and will see if it really is as interesting as is claimed.
Keep on trucking!

R.I.P. Leslie Thomas, author of the Virgin Soldiers

Just one family blog and then back to the usual.

el afterwedweb

Our beautiful baby daughter got married a week ago and we are as proud of her as we could be.
I’ve been grinning like a cat for over a week and this condition might be well be permanent.
We had the very best of days.
Back to my little drawings next week.