How did this happen? Well it was all a bit of an accident really. after an all too brief career in advertising I was asked by my very good friend Graham, who’d also had a career ‘break’, if I fancied going into business with him. With nothing better in the offing we started a small business in London producing visuals and designs, mainly for people in the advertising business.

We’d do almost anything to survive and we did. In fact it was remarkably successful. Graham went back to live in Wales after 4 years and I carried on in London. I’d gradually been asked to produce illustrations and cartoons for various clients and before long was drawing cartoons for a living.

These days, after many many years doing cartoons I now indulge in landscape drawing and photography.You can buy prints of my landscapes and photographs from here. My good friend Graham has become one of the most recognised colour pencil artists in the country!

Although these days I am allegedly retired, I am happy to talk to anyone about possible collaborations and commissions. I charge the same rate as ever but the proceeds go to a charity of my choosing, so we all feel good about the result. Feel free to ask me from here.

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Sir Leonard Stanley KFC ( Bart ) JP

One of a series of cartoons for my book “Glossary” :
a guide to Gloucestershire place names.
Leonard Stanley is a fine little village on the outskirts of Stroud, Gloucestershire UK

Here’s a selection of Band cartoons, done a little while ago. I quite like brass bands,
in fact any old band is good for me. I intend to do more band cartoons in due course.
I like to do these in uncomplicated black and white.

If you click on an image you can view the gallery a little larger to admire close up!