The time you spend looking into the middle distance.

People who might have ideas will understand this. When I worked at the print company if you sat back and sucked your pencil thinking, it was seen as non productive time.They were manufacturing so perhaps it was, but time spent sucking the pencil in the creative world may well be considered working quite hard. I’ve been sucking the pencil for a while about what to do with a load of landscape drawings. After a recent foray into colour for a children’s book where I applied colour to the drawings with pastel, a medium I used to use just a little … Continue reading The time you spend looking into the middle distance.

Natural Engineering Expertise

I’m a natural for mending cars ( not ) but then these days, no one opening the bonnet of a car will recognise anything. This is a drawing from some years ago when I celebrated the work of 1930s cartoonist Pont who celebrated the way the British behaved. Please note the arriving cup of tea from a support worker. Unusually there are no oily kids around here, they’ve probably run off with an oily part that is vital. Continue reading Natural Engineering Expertise