What I do.

I’m a cartoonist. I draw and write and have been doing so for many many years.
You can see more of my drawing here

Something quite different here

cropped-piano-bighair633_1.jpgPlus lots of people I like right here below

Elisabeth Le Vierge is a very fine artist person, but then I would say that as we are related by marriage.Great colourist.

Rosalind Forster is a very fine printmaker with a great feeling for landscape, flowers and light.

Julia Midgley is a great drawer! Specialising in reportage drawing I don’t know quite how she does that drawing on site, and sometimes wearing a hard hat.

Illustrators Direct is a group that I am part of and from here you can find many like minded fellow cartoonist and the odd respectable illustrator. Take a look around.

John Blair Moore See a celebration of his skills here. John died recently and is, I’m sure, much missed by family and friends. Sorry to lose such a talent.

Mike Roberts seems to sum up a lot about what we are like as a breed of cartoonist or artists here. We have the skills, we’ve been doing it for years and I suspect that most of the people on these links are more than they at first appear. Mike, like all of us, is multi-skilled. Great site.

I like a lot more people than the list above, I’ll add them when I remember who they are.

Hopefully, you will leave this page better informed than when you arrived. Thanks for visiting.





2 thoughts

  1. From Down Under a great cartoon of how I remember coal being delivered incusing my Mum putting newspaper every where as the coalman delivered to the bunker at the back of the house. Any chance I can use your art in within my company website

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