What I do.

I’m a cartoonist. I draw and write and have been doing so for many many years. If you want to use any of my images from my site, then please feel free to do so for non commercial use, especially in these times when we all need cheering up a little. In return please just add where you found me, or add my website address, so that more can be cheered up. If you would like a print of any of my works then just get in touch and I’ll see what I can do for you. I am setting up a small shop on my other site where some prints will be available, but that might take a while yet. Thanks for visiting, keep clear and stay well!

You can see more of my drawing here

Something quite different here


Plus lots of people I like right here below

Elisabeth Le Vierge is a very fine artist person, but then I would say that as we are related by marriage.Great colourist.

Rosalind Forster is a very fine printmaker with a great feeling for landscape, flowers and light.

Julia Midgley is a great drawer! Specialising in reportage drawing I don’t know quite how she does that drawing on site, and sometimes wearing a hard hat.

Illustrators Direct is a group that I am part of and from here you can find many like minded fellow cartoonist and the odd respectable illustrator. Take a look around.

John Blair Moore See a celebration of his skills here. John died recently and is, I’m sure, much missed by family and friends. Sorry to lose such a talent.

Mike Roberts seems to sum up a lot about what we are like as a breed of cartoonist or artists here. We have the skills, we’ve been doing it for years and I suspect that most of the people on these links are more than they at first appear. Mike, like all of us, is multi-skilled. Great site.

I like a lot more people than the list above, I’ll add them when I remember who they are.

Hopefully, you will leave this page better informed than when you arrived. Thanks for visiting.


2 replies to “What I do.

  1. From Down Under a great cartoon of how I remember coal being delivered incusing my Mum putting newspaper every where as the coalman delivered to the bunker at the back of the house. Any chance I can use your art in within my company website

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