Been there?

I’ve just been doing some drawings for a client who is the son of a previous client and friend. So it’s good to keep connections. My new young client is in SEO and helps companies increase visits to their websites. He seems to know all about these things and has been heling me to get more visits to another project of mine: looks good on the wall Apparently putting links in like the one above help with generating visits, so feel free to click on it! Anyhow back to the drawing above. It’s simple enough really and it follows the … Continue reading Been there?

“Oooh! Just like bought”

My Aunty Winnie was a cakemaker and a true Northerner. Whenever we moved house which was frequent, she’d turn up on the doorstep of the new house with a meat and potato pie. Her meat and potato pies were legendary, and delicious. Her husband, my Uncle Jack was a quiet kind of chap who would utter hardly a word. He’d had a career as a shop manager. Not a supermarket, they did not exist at the time, just a small grocery store. Whenever they came for tea, which was not that often, Jack would sit in the corner sucking on … Continue reading “Oooh! Just like bought”

Doorbell required, you’ll be needing a toilet roll then.

I’m not sure of the randomness of algorithms but this is the result of shopping online. A simple task of looking and then ordering a doorbell brings up this suggestion and confirms that the computer is not always right. We have, like any self respecting middle class family, a comfortable supply of what we naturally call  “bathroom tissue”. What we do not have is a handy fire extinguisher, the other suggestion, which was the obvious result of checking out the toilet rolls. Continue reading Doorbell required, you’ll be needing a toilet roll then.