Been there?


I’ve just been doing some drawings for a client who is the son of a previous client and friend. So it’s good to keep connections. My new young client is in SEO and helps companies increase visits to their websites. He seems to know all about these things and has been heling me to get more visits to another project of mine: looks good on the wall

Apparently putting links in like the one above help with generating visits, so feel free to click on it!

Anyhow back to the drawing above. It’s simple enough really and it follows the brief. It’s the sort of brief that I have had dozens of times over my career. MD sitting at his desk celebrating rocketing sales figures. Of course these days he would be celebrating with a cup of coffee ( or is that organic green tea? ), but in the old days he would have had a massive cigar filling his massive office with a cloud of winning smoke as well as a bottle of champers on ice and a very comely secretary sitting on the desk. Things have changed, but he’s still a bloke in the picture and there’s not a lot of signs of a female executives bursting through the glass ceiling. Now there’s a visual.

Back to my other project :did you notice another little link there in an unashamed attempt at guiding you to where you ought to go? It’s about blank walls. I have a thing about them and think they should be suitably adorned and together with a group of excellent artists I have devised a scheme to get their work on such walls. I love working with them, as a freelancer working from home this can be a solitary business at times and it’s great to see what all these artists produce, and to help them get their work out there, as well as having the social contact. Just to give you an idea of the sort of thing that you can see on there here are some sample parts of their images.

Needless to say there are links to their pages from their names, and lots more information on how you can go and buy their excellent works. I’m hoping to be having a large cup of coffee from my executive suite in front of a chart of booming figures quite soon. ” Deidre? Put the champers on ice please.”


Graham Brace


Elisabeth Le Vierge


Al Blethyn


Sally Williams

We have a facebook page  as well if you feel like a trip over there, if you do then please like it for us. Remember it will help rid the world of blank walls.

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