The Belgian letter

This is a letter sent from Arlou in Belgium on the 16th December 1945 to my mother and father on the birth of my brother John, who was born on the 14th November 1945. It’s from someone called A Kinnaert. It’s a congratulations to my parents on the birth of their son. Our father was with the Guards Armoured Division in Belgium during World War 2 and, as I understand it, he was billeted later in the war with this Belgian family in the small village of Zetrud Lumay. I assume after the liberation of Brussels in the September of … Continue reading The Belgian letter

Symphony or Hurdy Gurdy?

I’ve had some fun in the last few days. Thanks are due to a great extent to the History Festival in Gloucester which is simply packed with history and recommended to any visitor to the area. It’s all been helped by brilliant September weather . I’m going to give star rating today to these two characters who are Gillian and Rob Guest, they play ancient music and the instrument that Rob plays here was known originally known as the Symphony, but later became known as the Hurdy Gurdy. Here they are playing at the Cross in the Centre of Gloucester. … Continue reading Symphony or Hurdy Gurdy?


Tredworth: Shoes with a very large sole as used by teddy boys. Tuffley: One of those men who go out every Friday and Saturday night in a white tight t shirt and jeans, no coat, whatever the weather. The female version wears very high heels and a ‘dress’ that grips in certain areas and makes her body wobble like a Mexican wave. Perpetual motion. Tunley: Moody. Uncooperative and sullen like a 14 year old. _________________________________________________________________________ A Guide to Gloucestershire Place Names and their True Meaning. This is another in the series from my considered in depth research into this esoteric … Continue reading Tredworth

Where to start?

Perhaps the title whould be ” Where to stop?” I was reminded of this by a posting on Facebook of a Canadian lino cut artist called Linda Cote, and who’s work I really like. She posted an image with four different prints all of the same subject, with slight variations. The thing about reduction lino cut work, as I understand it, is that when it’s gone, it’s gone. Take away part of the image and you can’t put it back. The same applies to drawing to a degree, but with cartoons like mine, the tendency is to just do it … Continue reading Where to start?


Totterdown: The way the heels of female Tuffley’s shoes clatter on a wet pavement, generally accompanied by some choice language like: “ It were you wot sed these shoes were ok Dawn but they’s crap, oh bugger av just lost me cheps” which loosely translated means “ this footwear came highly recommended by you Dawn, but they cannot stand up to the rigours of a night out in Gloucester, oh dear I seem to have dropped my French fried potatoes”. Tibberton: The high speed speech of a female Tuffley which is completely unintelligible to anyone other than another female Tuffley, … Continue reading Totterdown