Symphony or Hurdy Gurdy?

I’ve had some fun in the last few days. Thanks are due to a great extent to the History Festival in Gloucester which is simply packed with history and recommended to any visitor to the area. It’s all been helped by brilliant September weather . I’m going to give star rating today to these two characters who are Gillian and Rob Guest, they play ancient music and the instrument that Rob plays here was known originally known as the Symphony, but later became known as the Hurdy Gurdy. Here they are playing at the Cross in the Centre of Gloucester. Edit out the sign on the right and it could come straight from the old times as they play with the backdrop of St Michael’sTower.

They also play the tabor, hobby horse, jig doll and medieaval percussion and as you can see from this short video they make a charming sound and a handsome couple.

2 thoughts on “Symphony or Hurdy Gurdy?

    1. That was brave of both of you. I thought they made a charming sound, they have since been in touch about me doing a drawing of them! The post gave my blog a spike in visits too! So not just me who found them charming I suspect. Thought your talk on English Folk music was brilliant by the way.

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