Singing under a canal bridge, but don’t mention the cheese.

Off we go, walking in the Cotswolds again, perhaps to sing the odd song under a canal bridge. This is what we did today, my friend Robin, the singer, and me. Quietest place on the walk and the best place to burst into song. The Canal is overgrown right here but is part of theContinue reading “Singing under a canal bridge, but don’t mention the cheese.”

The last of the series. Did I hear a sigh of relief?

OK, that’s enough of these. This one is a little more local and is from a picture taken down by the River Severn. It’s a meadow and it was another bright blue day. It’s sometimes only after you’ve taken a picture and looked at it again that you realise what a wonderful day it wasContinue reading “The last of the series. Did I hear a sigh of relief?”

And another…Number 2, this one’s in Yorkshire.

This one’s in Yorkshire and a more recent inspiration. March saw a late fall of snow around Sheffield and this is a drift juts up the road from where we were staying. Lovely dry stone walls around there and this smooth snow drift in front of it. Of all the recent drawings there’s something about thisContinue reading “And another…Number 2, this one’s in Yorkshire.”