No visitors on a Sunday


Hopefully, they were all out getting a good walk in which is what we did, but nobody dropped into here yesterday. It’s flattering when anybody calls by to my blog and even more so when they like or say anything.

Why do we do it? Well, I think it’s a little like going to the pub and bending someone’s ear at the bar. Not something I’ve ever really been prone to doing as I rarely visit pubs these days, or any days really apart from my long gone student times when I successfully managed to make myself ill every time. So blogging is my sober substitute.

This drawing started as a photograph, taken on a walk in the Orkneys. It might have been a Sunday, it was certainly very wet on that day. The rain up there comes at you not on to you. This though, was one of those days when there was no wind and the damp just  hung there, like the clothes on the line.

The black and white line work is done with the old fashioned dip pen and a paint brush, then the original scanned into photoshop for me to add the colour. I’ve been doing a lot of flat silk screen type colour recently but with this decided to do a bit of drawing with the colour too. I’ll be doing several versions in the fullness of time, probably over the winter on wet Sundays.

I’m building up a collection gradually and some of them are already available as prints on  under my pseudo name: Edward Davies, otherwise known as the Unknown Artist. No one comes to see him on Sundays either!


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