Engulfed Shed

There’s something rather beautiful when nature takes over, and in these pictures is a shed in a field. It’s in a stunning green valley in Gloucestershire and has always been a favoured shed of mine, I’ve taken many images of it. It’s now starting to disappear as green takes over . I’ve never seen anyone in all the years I’ve been visiting it, go near it or busying themselves nearby but they must at some time. So today’s walk went close by and I could not resist taking even more pictures of it. I’d just love to know its history, … Continue reading Engulfed Shed

“It was the gardener with a candlestick in the long gallery“

This place: Cragside in Northumberland is a house and garden reminiscent of an Agatha Christie novel. Built on the riches of an engineer called Armstrong, who eventually became a Lord and was fiendishly inventive, he made the bulk of his fortune from weapons, sadly. The gardens here are full of rhododendrons and there are paths everywhere to get in good walk. It was pouring when we were there, which had brought in many visitors to see the house so we went out in the wet. My trousers became two tone, light blue beneath my macintosh, and dark blue where they … Continue reading “It was the gardener with a candlestick in the long gallery“

Matches in the window…

You can tell we’re up North from this picture. They do not expect hours of sunshine up here in the North East and this traditional hardware shop shows of a fine selection of combustibles, as well as equipment for poking the fire? Where else would you put matches in your window display next to fire lighters? Apart from a branch of the Co Op there’s not a single business that is not an independent, it was like a breath of fresh air, and there’s plenty of that too in the area. Continue reading Matches in the window…

Let’s get a few cheerful images out there.

Wild garlic, a short video from a recent walk, well about two weeks ago. Not telling you where, best left alone. This magnificent scene was a real treat this Spring. Also here some still pictures of another wild garlic location, the photo is in Somerset, the film in Gloucestershire. There you go, thought you might like to see them. If you came over here expecting to see some cartoons, then I’m sorry, but I will be posting some soonish as I’ve just finished another children’s book with my good friend Andy Harden. It’s just gone to the printers and when … Continue reading Let’s get a few cheerful images out there.

The Black Mountains and a hidden church

We took a little break some weeks ago, if you can take a break from being retired, so busy. Well worth it, welcomed by some refreshing weather but we did the British thing and got out there walking in the rain. We chose to walk to Llanelieu from Talgarth, a lovely little town with plenty of walking to choose from. The church was the site for our picnic and by the time we’d finished our sandwiches the weather brightened for the walk back. Inside the church were all sorts of visual treasures best seen here. I love the name of … Continue reading The Black Mountains and a hidden church

It’s unlikely that it sang in Berkeley Square

I’m no expert but having got up at 3.30 this morning and been out to where they do sing, I think it unlikely that a Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square, as the song suggested. I took this little video this very early morning as we are told that nightingales start singing very early, and they did! This is at the RSPB bird area at Highnam in Gloucestershire and excuse the lighting engineer but it was very early. I’ve not seen a nightingale before and today was no exception as although they sing loud and clear and before any of the … Continue reading It’s unlikely that it sang in Berkeley Square