The Black Mountains and a hidden church

We took a little break some weeks ago, if you can take a break from being retired, so busy. Well worth it, welcomed by some refreshing weather but we did the British thing and got out there walking in the rain. We chose to walk to Llanelieu from Talgarth, a lovely little town with plenty of walking to choose from. The church was the site for our picnic and by the time we’d finished our sandwiches the weather brightened for the walk back. Inside the church were all sorts of visual treasures best seen here.

I love the name of the website: friends of friendless churches. Someone with a sense of humour there.

After my recent posting and mini movie about nightingales I’m going to post a few more little videos. They’re not Hollywood but I hope you enjoy them.

This gatepost is the broken down entrance to what was in the old days called a lunatic asylum on the edge of Talgarth, it’s still there in ruins sad place to see. It’s beyond me why a place like this cannot be made into a place of happiness instead of a reminder of grim times past. It was bought when it finished its life as a hospital by the head of the local health authority, someone explain that please.
The extensive ruined hospital.

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