Number 1 in this year’s New Year’s resolutions is not to make any resolutions. So there we are, that’s that taken care of and we can just get on with it. Whatever ‘it’ might be. I’ve been doing a lot of drawing in the various lockdown incarcerations and if you are foolhardy enough to visit me here then you are likely to see quite a few of them. After all, what’s the point in it if you don’t show people. For those of you who are curious about how I put them together then here’s what I do. I take … Continue reading Resolutions

Random Twinkle

It’s that time of year when you put out a few lights to make the place look marginally less grey and depressing. We have a set of those lights and looking at the instructions there are multiple choices of light display. Tonight I’ve put ours on “Random Twinkle”. We could all do with more random twinkle. Here’s a little video from some time ago, with my friend Robin adding the little song. Great to see the leaves coming down in these beautiful beech woods in Gloucestershire, they drop with almost a random twinkle. Continue reading Random Twinkle

Charging Santa

I was recently commissioned to do a drawing for a Christmas card. Not unusual for this time of year. I do one for a local haulage company and have done for years, that one is done and dusted. This was for a small marketing agency. He wanted to feature the imminent arrival of the vaccine that will hopefully get us back to a new normal in time. This drawing was my first idea and in common with many of these projects, these days I always send off the first idea to test the water. This is the result of years … Continue reading Charging Santa

Supermarket stare. Some things don’t change.

I post this most years at around this time. It’s a sort of self portrait. I post this almost every Christmas, we are at that stage but this is particularly apt this year.I personally have not been in a supermarket since the beginning of this business, and frankly have not missed it, but I do recall the feeling of approaching the checkout with none of the items on the list but loads of “Justins”, they being the sort of thing you buy just in case. They usually reside in the back of the cupboard for the next year, when you … Continue reading Supermarket stare. Some things don’t change.

Supermarket Stare

It’s changed. When it used to be that men were allowed out with a list, or worse, without one, to get the last minute shopping in, or to buy something for a loved one, they get that faraway stare like a rabbit in the headlights. Nowadays it’s an illuminated stare as they look at a screen and understand little about what they might get. They will, however, be unlikely to forget the beer. I published this a year ago, Continue reading Supermarket Stare

Tea shirts? Kettles on!

I’ve done a collection of tea shirts. That’s t shirts on the theme of tea. They might make a half decent Christmas pressy for the tea drinker in your life. There are also others available and I’m working on other collections, getting my head around the whole thing, slowly. It keeps me off the streets. Some have drawings on them but for the time being most of the shirts are designed with type in mind and in the case of the tea shirts- tea drinking types. You can find them here Please take a look sometime, perhaps whilst sipping a … Continue reading Tea shirts? Kettles on!