Tea shirts? Kettles on!

I’ve done a collection of tea shirts. That’s t shirts on the theme of tea. They might make a half decent Christmas pressy for the tea drinker in your life. There are also others available and I’m working on other collections, getting my head around the whole thing, slowly. It keeps me off the streets. Some have drawings on them but for the time being most of the shirts are designed with type in mind and in the case of the tea shirts- tea drinking types.

You can find them here

Please take a look sometime, perhaps whilst sipping a cuppa.

Well, it’s better than staring at a blank piece of paper, I suppose.

The T shirt are very environmental and all produced in the UK. They can be shipped everywhere and the ones that I have bought seem to be of excellent quality. Not a bad price either. I’m unlikely to get filthy rich on the proceeds.

Take a wander around the site from here. Go on!

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