In need of modernisation.

There used to be an estate agent who told the truth. He made a name for himself by describing properties exactly how they were. I sadly forget his name, but he satirised his own profession by describing properties that were obviously in something of a state.

For the one above he may well have said ” In need of modernisation” but he would have also said ” and four walls plus a roof will help complete this possibly stunning property with views over where the Germans scuttled their fleet at the end of the First World War: Scapa Flow.

This picture was taken when we went on a walking holiday in the Orkneys some years ago. Delving into “art bollox speak”: the skies are as much of the landscape as the land, ever changing and casting en ethereal light, bright sunshine or a dour Scottish mist like an old highlander in a really bad mood.Rain generally arrives at you horizontally, like a power shower head that’s freed its moorings and cannot be controlled, there seems to be no off tap.

Try it.


This post came from a while ago. The tap around here has been stuck on, like it’s rusted. My new pond is full to the brim. Looks like rain again, with clouds a subtle mix of musty bonfire smoke blue grey making it look like Gloucester has been on fire.

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  1. Hi Paul, So nice to have a reminder of that Orkney holiday. You may have twigged that I recently bought your two little books for children purchased by my son,Matthew as he is adept at PayPal. I am continuing to enjoy all your posts and cartoons. Best wishes John

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