In need of modernisation.

There used to be an estate agent who told the truth. He made a name for himself by describing properties exactly how they were. I sadly forget his name, but he satirised his own profession by describing properties that were obviously in something of a state.

For the one above he may well have said ” In need of modernisation” but he would have also said ” and four walls plus a roof will help complete this possibly stunning property with views over where the Germans scuttled their fleet at the end of the First World War: Scapa Flow.

This picture was taken when we went on a walking holiday in the Orkneys some years ago. Delving into “art bollox speak”: the skies are as much of the landscape as the land, ever changing and casting en ethereal light, bright sunshine or a dour Scottish mist like an old highlander in a really bad mood.Rain generally arrives at you horizontally, like a power shower head that’s freed its moorings and cannot be controlled, there seems to be no off tap.

Try it.


This post came from a while ago. The tap around here has been stuck on, like it’s rusted. My new pond is full to the brim. Looks like rain again, with clouds a subtle mix of musty bonfire smoke blue grey making it look like Gloucester has been on fire.

One thought on “In need of modernisation.

  1. Hi Paul, So nice to have a reminder of that Orkney holiday. You may have twigged that I recently bought your two little books for children purchased by my son,Matthew as he is adept at PayPal. I am continuing to enjoy all your posts and cartoons. Best wishes John

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