Pencil tash


I used to work for a chap who looked a little like this. Head Warehouseman at a transport company. He hated students and told me so frequently. I was not desperately keen on him. He got his way in the end as I was asked to leave. I can’t imagine anyone wanting this mug on a mug, or anything for that matter. But if you insist: Mugs and stuff


Road Movie…

Yesterday it mainly rained. Out and about with my chum and songster Robin, he tells me that this song was a recent discovery, but that he is only aware of two verses. So if you happen to know any more then please let us know. The setting for this song is the church at Frampton on Severn, and from here we walked out to the River. It’s well worth a visit if you are in the area. In our case, the undergrowth was so wet that trousers became wet and as they acted like blotting paper. A stop at Gloucester Services on the way back was vital to refresh and an excellent coffee and small cake. Recommended, a motorway service area with no branding whatsoever, all motorway service areas should be like this one.


Another subject covered on our walk was the invention of the lawn mower. An inspiration of the local engineer Edwin Buddings, it’s well worth looking at how this came about. Did you know there’s even a Lawn Mower Club? Take a look right here and learn even more The Old Lawn Mower Club

We hope you enjoy the song, even if it’s not very long!

Why plotting is important.

I sometimes sign up for campaigns that I think are worthy. There’s a danger that if you sign anything remotely interesting and then get loads of unrelated emails for you to sign others, but this is one that I signed a while ago and it covers a lot that I feel strongly about.

First of all, I’m not big on sport. That does not mean I dislike sport, I like it quite a lot. No, I’m just not a fanatic.  This is aided by the fact that I’m not very good at it. I tried football in the younger years without much success. I was usually selected for goal on account of my width at the time, and I suspect that I could do a little less damage there. I tried rugby but my dentist told me it would be wise to give it up, as teeth filled on a Thursday were relieved of their fillings on a Saturday afternoon. I did win something at tennis, mainly because I played with the best player in the club, so I know what it’s like to win, but only once. The tennis team that I played for went for two years without winning a single match. We won points but never the match. When we did win, the look on the faces of those we’d beaten when we told them we had not won for the previous two years was priceless. As for running, well I’ll pass on that, never seen the point myself when you can just walk comfortably.

Over the last few years, however, I have been a keen plotter, as evidenced by the odd post on here about sheds and the ethereal and artistic nature of these sacred objects. So when I see that someone is planning to chuck fellow plotters off their land I see red. Digging up and destroying allotments to replace with a sports field? Does not sound fair to me. So I’ve signed up against the plan. I hope you might do so too. Allotments must be preserved and planning officers told to run around a sports field several times with a large bag of manure until they relent.

Save the plotters


Stick it to the man!