Road Movie…

Yesterday it mainly rained. Out and about with my chum and songster Robin, he tells me that this song was a recent discovery, but that he is only aware of two verses. So if you happen to know any more then please let us know. The setting for this song is the church at Frampton on Severn, and from here we walked out to the River. It’s well worth a visit if you are in the area. In our case, the undergrowth was so wet that trousers became wet and as they acted like blotting paper. A stop at Gloucester Services on the way back was vital to refresh and an excellent coffee and small cake. Recommended, a motorway service area with no branding whatsoever, all motorway service areas should be like this one.


Another subject covered on our walk was the invention of the lawn mower. An inspiration of the local engineer Edwin Buddings, it’s well worth looking at how this came about. Did you know there’s even a Lawn Mower Club? Take a look right here and learn even more The Old Lawn Mower Club

We hope you enjoy the song, even if it’s not very long!

4 thoughts on “Road Movie…

  1. Robin carries a tune well! Sadly I don’t know the song. But isn’t the tradition of folk to make your own verses up?

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