Refusal to admit defeat?

I make no excuses for publishing this one again. Looking back to when I started my project to re-visit the ideas and drawings of Pont, the cartoonist from the 40s who inspired this whole project, this drawing is very close to his own. His drawing had a number of bears surrounding the hapless explorer and he was armed with a large rifle on an expansive ice field. Mine has just the one bear and the ice has melted, so both the bear and the explorer are under threat, from elements outside their immediate control. The ice is melting. I would … Continue reading Refusal to admit defeat?

Cartoons on the radio?

A brilliant new concept. I was lucky enough this morning to have been interviewed by Pete Wilson for BBC Radio Gloucestershire about my forthcoming exhibition at the Garden’s Gallery here in Cheltenham. It was great fun and very flattering to have someone interested in what I do and how I got there. He saw the odd side of talking about cartoons on the radio but it soon became clear that this was not a problem. I was lucky too to have the chance to talk about my new little book, which will be on sale at the exhibition too. This is … Continue reading Cartoons on the radio?

Miss Freud

One of the joys of my last job, which was as a print rep for a local company, was the people I had the pleasure to meet. Almost all of them were pleasant to deal with and at times it was fun. Not all the time, but then even my previous career as a cartoonist for 30 years, was not always a bundle of laughs. I love people watching as might be obvious from some of my drawings. The only attraction of an Airport is the other people on the edge of panic. I came to study many people as … Continue reading Miss Freud

This one’s for charity

My dear old Dad never allowed me to buy or ride a motorbike, for good reason, he’d seen too many people injured by them. Generally,  these were younger men lured by the thrill of speed. I was very tempted and the closest I ever got to one was a Honda 50 scooter in the last year of my college days. One of my good friends also had a scooter and the sight of her backside going over the crossbars at a set of traffic light in Central Manchester is something I can still picture now. We were racing and she’d forgotten that … Continue reading This one’s for charity

What’s happening to the French?

Just been there and before I go on about them let me say that there’s something I like a lot about the French. In fact, there are many things that I like about the French. They tend never to apologize, we are always saying sorry. They tend to think that the response to something going wrong is, of course, your fault. It may well be, but in France, it is always the case. Even when it’s not. Another thing I like about the French is the food and their attitude to it, but here something is going terribly wrong. The … Continue reading What’s happening to the French?

British Railway Station kiosk reader, is this accurate today?Perhaps not.

Another in my series of black and white drawings about the British and reviewing this today, it seems perhaps that it may be a bit dated. Artists sometimes talk about their work in terms of how they have been inspired by others, and what they were trying to do. Well this is supposed to be about those people who’s job is to sell  newspapers and magazines, none of which are normally of great literary merit. I imagined that perhaps there exists somewhere a newspaper seller that spends his or her ‘downtime’ reading the classics whilst surrounded by all the other … Continue reading British Railway Station kiosk reader, is this accurate today?Perhaps not.

Every utensil in the kitchen

Here’s another of my drawings that will be in my exhibition in August at the Gardens Gallery. It’s not all about washing up or cooking but more about a state of mind if I’m going to be a bit pretentious about it. I’m keen on cooking and a little less keen on washing up, but when in the heat of the cooking area I’m prone to use anything that comes to hand in my search for culinary excellence. I’ve assumed that this is a British trait, but I bet that it is common in many places. I’m looking forward to … Continue reading Every utensil in the kitchen