Refusal to admit defeat?


I make no excuses for publishing this one again. Looking back to when I started my project to re-visit the ideas and drawings of Pont, the cartoonist from the 40s who inspired this whole project, this drawing is very close to his own. His drawing had a number of bears surrounding the hapless explorer and he was armed with a large rifle on an expansive ice field. Mine has just the one bear and the ice has melted, so both the bear and the explorer are under threat, from elements outside their immediate control. The ice is melting. I would expect the British explorer to talk his, or her way out of this situation.

I’ve also changed the title, Pont’s was: “Refusal to admit defeat”, mine is “An ability to stay afloat even under the most trying circumstances”. This is one of the first drawings of the project and done before Brexit, but it illustrates in some ways where we are now.

There I’ve gone and done it. Explained a cartoon, something I always say I should n’t

You can see the original and others at my exhibition here in Cheltenham from the 16th August to the 22nd at the Gardens Gallery. I’ll be waffling on about it too on BBC Radio Gloucestershire. The programme will be broadcast on BBC Radio Gloucestershire on Sunday  6th August at 12 midday and will be repeated at 5am on 13th August.

After it’s first broadcast it will also be on the BBC iPlayer for 30 days.

Cartoons on the radio?

Pont: Graham Laidler, and the British Character

2 thoughts on “Refusal to admit defeat?

    1. Thanks! I have already had some, a local magazine is going to feature a drawing per month for the next 12 months! These are new drawings rather than exhibition ones so something to keep me off the streets…

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