The greasy pole…

It’s tough at the top, or so I’m told. At the start of my career ( yeright! ) I thought that I’d be climbing the greasy pole and looking for career advancement. I ended up drawing for a living, 30 years of that exclusively freelance, and then had a career change some 11 years ago. I became an executive! I wore a tie ( a friend suggested that this was probably around my waist to keep my trousers up ) and was called an account manager. Who were they kidding, calling me that! I know it’s sales, but so be … Continue reading The greasy pole…

It’s a runner!

I’ve never been much of a runner myself and was once described as built for comfort not for speed.I found this quite hurtful at the time, probably because it was unerringly accurate.That is not to say that I cannot appreciate the sight of a someone running and I love to see small children running around. This has come in useful this week as I do some drawings for a website for a school, and this is just one of them. As I completed it I was reminded me of my daughter when she was small and energetic, she’s not that … Continue reading It’s a runner!


Working on some drawings for a website for school and this is one of the drawings for it. Unusually I’ve tried a little experiment with it, tracing it in illustrator and then putting it back into photoshop, all my rough lines smoothed out with no loss of fun! I still draw everything by hand on layout paper and then interfere with it on the mac. The drawings sometimes take minutes to do, but one has to be relaxed and confident when doing them.I’d be broke if I charged by the hour! Someone once said to me: “How can you charge … Continue reading Drummin!

Invisible from here.

I’ve found a way of disappearing almost completely from sight. I live in the centre of a reasonably large town and like to shop in the town without making my arms any longer than they need be by carrying heavy bags. So I bought a shopping bag on wheels. All of a sudden I’ve become completely invisible, that’s me on the left of the drawing. Not there? Yes I am but your not looking at me. You ‘re looking at the shopping trolley and thinking this is some old geezer who I will not bother giving my flyers to, I’ll … Continue reading Invisible from here.