The greasy pole…

The greasy pole...

It’s tough at the top, or so I’m told. At the start of my career ( yeright! ) I thought that I’d be climbing the greasy pole and looking for career advancement. I ended up drawing for a living, 30 years of that exclusively freelance, and then had a career change some 11 years ago. I became an executive! I wore a tie ( a friend suggested that this was probably around my waist to keep my trousers up ) and was called an account manager.

Who were they kidding, calling me that! I know it’s sales, but so be it. So selling print became my new metier,and I loved it and still do. This does not mean that I no longer draw as is obvious from my websites and this, but at least I was not relying on it to feed the family and pay all the bills.

So I’m multi tasking, and now that I’m of an age where people of my age spend their days meandering around garden centres, I spend just 3 days a week at work and the other days back here at the drawing board.

Where am I on the greasy pole? Well, rather like that dangling rope in the gymn at school, I’ve managed to avoid it.

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