Dropping in on the pond

I’m so glad I used lockdown to build a pond in the garden, it is now constantly used by the local birds for a drink or a quick wash under the wing pits. The local bad boy came today as I was hanging out the washing. Not the slightest bothered by me faffing with the pegs, he just got on with the job. Still not bothered when I filmed him on my ancient iPhone, and walked a little nearer to him.Then I took a step too far and he flew off. ” That’s that” I thought, but not so, he … Continue reading Dropping in on the pond

Late walkers in Paradise and dimensional clutter.

Just outside Painswick in Gloucestershire, Paradise is a few scattered houses, a former pub, and a simply glorious valley. Just the place to go on sunny summer evening, with my good friend Robin and a bottle of beer each. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. In a moment of weakness I mentioned a way of describing art in an unintelligible way and it’s known as “art bollocks”. Robin has adopted this with enthusiasm and is now adept at the language. He did use the words “dimensional clutter“ in this short video. Hopefully this was the beer talking. Continue reading Late walkers in Paradise and dimensional clutter.

Builder’s Dashboard.

You know what it is. The deep bit of dashboard in front of the steering wheel awash with old bills, probably unpaid, empty fag packets ( that’s cigarette packs to anyone outside the UK ) , old takeaway wrapping and detritus. In some cases the vehicle is relatively new and the purchase date can be probably ascertained by digging deep and finding the invoice for it deep in the dashboard. Poor chap never has the time to clean it out as he’s off to the next job, not yours, to try and make headway on it before he finishes at … Continue reading Builder’s Dashboard.

Hello buttercup…later.

I thought I’d posted this some time ago, in June. Of all the walks that Robin and I have been on this one gave us both the biggest pleasant surprise.It feels like almost the end of summer here now with a hint of cool in the air. This was an evening walk, but as I recall, quite warm. I hope you enjoy this like we did the walk back then. This is the post from then: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ This evening my friend Robin and I went for a ramble on the banks of the River Severn near Apperley in Gloucestershire and … Continue reading Hello buttercup…later.