A Celebration of ‘Pont’

Pont was a cartoonist from the 1940s who made his name from drawing for Punch magazine. Some years ago I embarked on a tribute to Punch by revisiting his ideas and redrawing them for the modern age. Post was the pen name for Graham Laidler a cartoonist for the 1930s here in the UK. He built a formidable reputation illustrating the foibles and ways of the British.

Some years ago I undertook a celebration of his ideas revisiting them and producing my own versions.

Here are a few of them:

An inability to throw anything away.

A love of expeditions

Pont’s original had three polar bears surrounding the explorer, mine takes some account of global warming.

A love of literature

I love the old newsstands one used to get in and around major train stations. Somehow very British, with their bare lightbulb over a selection of magazines, some of dubious nature.

The original of this drawing sold at the Exhibition.

The love of birdwatching

My own parents were a sort of inspiration for this one, both keen birdwatchers. Not exclusively a British thing but extremely popular over here of course.

The love of old houses of the nobility

This is little different to the Pont idea that inspired it, apart from the lady taking pictures with her phone. Like all these drawings these are in pen and ink with pastel.

The Joy of the Summer Fete

It can be near draught for weeks but as soon as the Summer Fete is scheduled then the heavens open, of course.

The Respect of the concept of Fair Play

Yes, we still go out on the Moors and kill innocent birds, well at least some people do, generally those with money. The other classes go out and ‘shoo’ the birds out of their nests so that the gentry can blast away.

The Tea Break

We live on tea, of course. Pot brewed is best. Always vital to offer a tradesperson a cuppa, or the price might be adversely affected.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection. For mote information about Pont,
the inspiration for these drawings of mine, then take a look here