Scalpel retires…

Most people of my generation who work in graphics or illustration will be familiar with the Swann Morton scalpel. I’ve used this one since around 1980 and it is just about to retire. The blade holder can’t take it any more. So I’ve gone for an upgrade, the Swann Morton 2021. It’s exactly the same as this one, but someone has seen fit to add some engraved numbers on the handle, so you can use it to measure something relatively short! These things are made in Sheffield, not something I’d taken on board for many years until my son moved … Continue reading Scalpel retires…

No blogs for ages then three come all at once.

Rootling around and finding some old ideas and in the spirit of recycling, here’s an old cartoon from an old cartoonist. There was a time when I thought it would be a good idea to ‘do jokes’ but the blank sheet of paper got the better of me. I prefer to be inspired by a subject and the possibility of being paid! This was for a client but I’m baffled about what it was for or if it ever got finished. It is a first round gh but like the last posting, does the job. Finish it up? No point … Continue reading No blogs for ages then three come all at once.

Rich pickings in September

I always think that September is a great time to take photographs. The light is our very good friend in this month. I’m posting a few from here, each with a small commentary. Hope you enjoy them. “What’s a phone box Granny?” my grandson asked the other day. How to explain. If you had no phone at home or in the unlikely event of needing to phone someone you could go to a red box and then if you put money into the black box inside the red box, you could be put through to talk to someone on the … Continue reading Rich pickings in September

Pump action

So here we are again back in the 70s with panic at the pumps, and everyone blaming everyone for the mess we find ourselves in. This pump used to be in Uley, a small village just outside Stroud in Gloucestershire, lovely spot for a quiet drive. This photo taken some years ago, so not sure if this filling station has been re-developed. How driving has changed from those days when one pootled to and fro and lorry drivers had a mate. Yes, a lorry driver’s mate was a job description. I always wanted to be a lorry driver and fulfilled … Continue reading Pump action

Buy a mouse, support a school.

My good friend Andy Harden wrote a charming tale last year for a children’s book. He had the great good sense to ask me if I could do some drawings for it and lockdown was a perfect opportunity to get involved. The book is out now and all the proceeds from the sale will go to Kingsway Primary School in Gloucester where Andy works as a teaching assistant. It’s been a joy to work on, and unusually I did the drawings for this project in colour. You can see them all on my website and you can also buy the … Continue reading Buy a mouse, support a school.

“Ik ben en schildpad”

Yes, you read that right: I am a turtle. This is my latest attempt to try and learn Dutch on one of these on line language apps. Why learn Dutch, well it’s as near as I can get to my daughter in law’s language which is Flemish. When I am fluent they will be able to tell that I am not from their parts and probably hail from Amsterdam instead of Brussels.This is my second try at this but I am making better progress this time as I am getting into the right frame of mind of the lunatic who … Continue reading “Ik ben en schildpad”

Spud I like.

It’s that time of year, harvest time on the allotment. I’m no expert gardener and usually forget what sort of spuds I put in months back. But I do remember that this version is called Kestrel. It was recommended to me by one of my fellow plotters last year. I dug up this beast just today. That is 2lbs and almost 11 ounces. What’s my secret? I don’t have one. I just got lucky. I am not one of those gardeners that grows leeks as big as trees and cabbages as big as basketballs. This chap had several only slightly … Continue reading Spud I like.