“Ik ben en schildpad”

Yes, you read that right: I am a turtle. This is my latest attempt to try and learn Dutch on one of these on line language apps. Why learn Dutch, well it’s as near as I can get to my daughter in law’s language which is Flemish. When I am fluent they will be able to tell that I am not from their parts and probably hail from Amsterdam instead of Brussels.This is my second try at this but I am making better progress this time as I am getting into the right frame of mind of the lunatic who put the thing together. One can imagine them getting their heads together and saying ” What can we get them to say that make them look really stupid?” I’ve got it !

Schilpad or plural schilpadden. Great word for them to say. They are unlikely ever to use the word again but it gets them sounding slightly Dutch.Let’s do it!

My grandson is learning both English and Flemish so I want to be able to understand what he says to me. He’s not bothered with either language just yet, but I aim to be ready for him. He’ll know I am a schilpad straight away. Tot ziens!

That’s him on the left of this picture, with his great grandad above! Both watching me as I draw a shed. Wonder what the word for shed is in Dutch?

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