Plot poppy

I’ve had a plot, an allotment, for a while now and this year it’s had the benefit of a lot of neglect from me. Leaving it well alone has allowed a group of pink poppies to take over an area where I’d planted shallots. They look brilliant so thought I’d share this one with you. If I’d tried to grow them I’ve no doubt they would not have been as successful as they have been.

That’s Comfrey with the blue flower in the background. Someone told me once that it can be a bit of a thug invader, which it has proved to be but it keeps the bees happy.

Enjoy your Summer!

Celebrating the Severn.

Down to the River for a morning out in a part of Gloucestershire that’s not visited by coaches and tourists that much. It’s at the end of the Gloucester canal not far from Sharpness Docks which is where shipping wanting to get to Gloucester would, and still, use the canal to navigate up to Gloucester Docks.

At the small village of Purton, a number of old ships were beached by the side of the River to aid the fight against erosion of the banks by the tides.

I’ll write more on this in the next blogs, but for today, my friend Robin and I took some time down there to take pictures of the ships and to give his melodeon a run out in the fresh air. For those of a more musical bent than I he’s playing a Castagnari “Giordi” and it’s sometimes called a “diatonic accordion”.  So there!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.