How would you like it Sir?


It’s a familiar phrase in the barber’s shop, an institution that has had something of a come-back recently. More recent barber shops are thankfully short on the atmosphere of the┬átestosterone filed places of old with the smell of cigarettes and shelves with stuff called “Brilliantine”. This greenish liquid was applied to the hair after the tonsorial efforts of the barber who was usually male and in my experience was as bald as an egg.These barbers had one style: short back and sides, the rot set in when the Beatles came along.

I thought it might be good to do a guide to the modern haircut.There’ll be more, loads more.



Breath deeply and relax…


I detect that a lot of us are still taking a breather after the political shenanigans of the last few weeks, so I’m going to continue the theme of taking a breath.

I had my own sharp intake of the stuff the other day when I made one of those purchases that is likely to embarrass you. No ,it was nothing medical. Just one of those things that you buy on the spur of the moment. It was in fact a gizmo for cutting the grass on my allotment. Not a strimmer, a clipper. Not expensive, and without those annoying stringy things that are forever breaking on a strimmer. It had a number of good reviews on-line.

It arrived and it was a flimsy and plastic as I only had the right to expect. As a result of years of never reading instruction before assembling anything I have learnt my lesson, and I carefully read the ones included with my new purchase. I assembled it easily and it works, but it looks like a pair of hair clippers on the end of a pole, and sounds like it too. Down at the plot where one’s manhood is judged on the power of one’s strimmer I made sure I was there with no one else around and tried it out. Keeping it well hidden from any other allotmenteers. The fear of anyone coming along and saying: “What the hell is that thing?” was just too much for me to contemplate. I shall have to cut my grass at dawn or dusk.

Re-reading the instructions it appears that I should really not be using them outdoors at all. Perhaps they are hair trimmers after allnotforuse152?


So, I’ve been doing the odd political cartoon over the last few days and they’ve had a generally positive response. I have the feeling that everyone is a bit cheesed off with politics and perhaps would enjoy a bit of a break from it. So here’s a drawing from a series I’m working on on bandsmen, or should I say bandspeople as there will be women in the series and one has to be politically correct. Oops! There we go again, politics, catching us out again.bandrumblog

Enjoy the warm weather and with a bit of luck you’ll catch a brass band playing in the park.