The mice are saying nothing…

Carrying on my latest Dutch lessons one recent gem has included this one, and the visual image and back story need telling. Could it be a philosophical offering or perhaps  a scenario where I imagine someone being interrogated and there’s no-one around.The interrogator shines the light into the poor suspects face The suspect is under threat from the odious questioner, but he’s giving nothing away. As if to threaten him even more the black coated inquisitor leans close to him and whispers with his strong guttural accent into his left ear….de muizen…then his voice trails off. The suspect start to sweat profusely. Thinking … Continue reading The mice are saying nothing…

The turtles are reading a book

I’m learning Dutch. I’ve got an app on my iPad where I’ve started in an enthusiastic way to learn the language. You might ask “Why on earth Dutch?” when most Dutch people speak English better than we do. Well it’s a family reason. My future daughter in law is from Belgium. Pause for thought.  Now there seems even less logic now as I hear you say, ” then learn Flemish” which is her native tongue. Well I can’t find anything for free where I can learn Flemish, and as Dutch is close then Dutch it is. This is not quite … Continue reading The turtles are reading a book

A passion for watercolour…not.

I always like to leave a bit. Ask my kids about when I cook, there’s a family saying…”there’s a little bit left over”. It means I’m not good at finishing stuff and that applies to drawing as much as anything else. So in my fridge of  portfolio drawings there are loads that are just not finished and now with the digital age there are even more that I fully intend to cook till entirely finished. The rule does not apply to eating unfortunately. I’m an advocate of the clean plate in that respect. Clean Plate Davies would be my name … Continue reading A passion for watercolour…not.

Gnomes are where the heart is?

There I was rifling through some old files and looking at some back up work from eons ago and what should pop up, but this. It was commissioned, I’m not sure by who now but looks like electrical goods to me. I recycled a joke used in an even earlier drawing, which is the film that Rudolf is watching just before Christmas. It’s ” A Mince Pie to Far”, any suggestions for starring roles will be appreciated. What’s different about this is it is pre digital and all done in magic marker and chalks which is the odd mix of … Continue reading Gnomes are where the heart is?

Impossible game

I’ve only played golf once and then with my brother. It was in Bolton, yes Bolton in the industrial north and many years ago when we were “nobbut lads” as they say up there “int north”. We both found it impossible and I have to say that it is a game where I would rather watch paint dry than watch them play these days, but then like tax inspectors I suppose someone has to do it. Or do they… really? This is from a series on sports that I am working on intermittently. It’s not quite finished yet. I will … Continue reading Impossible game