Impossible game


I’ve only played golf once and then with my brother. It was in Bolton, yes Bolton in the industrial north and many years ago when we were “nobbut lads” as they say up there “int north”. We both found it impossible and I have to say that it is a game where I would rather watch paint dry than watch them play these days, but then like tax inspectors I suppose someone has to do it. Or do they… really?

This is from a series on sports that I am working on intermittently. It’s not quite finished yet. I will try and post the finished version if I can be dragged away from the course, of course.



4 thoughts on “Impossible game

  1. You could always spice it up a bit. I understand that the cobras that hung out in the “rough” added some excitement to the game played on the Maidan course in Kolkata.

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