At last, a job where you don’t have to be able to spill.

Linked in are chasing me to apply for even more jobs and it looks like I’ve found just the one for me, the downside is that it’s for a seamstress so there may have to be some adjustments and stitching in place before the application can go in. On the other hand I could opt for 2 days a week as a lingerie designer and spend the rest of the week in my jim jams, doing a bit of blogging and never getting out of my slippers. Nope! I’ll go for the first choice as they pay extra when they … Continue reading At last, a job where you don’t have to be able to spill.

“Just putting you through…”

I’ve been thinking again, perhaps I should n’t. Phones: we keep them in our pockets and if we are really up to speed we talk to them with them in our pockets via headphones and wander around seemingly talking to ourselves. Out in the supermarket or on the street we see people who are hearing voices, and it’s considered normal. In days of yore such unfortunate people were sent to large brick built institutions and filled with mind numbing drugs so that the voices might go away.They were treated kindly for the most part and pitied by the rest of … Continue reading “Just putting you through…”

The pope;no news…

It might have been a folk tale but when I resided in that great city of Manchester, it was said that on a slow news day, the newspaper sellers would put the headline ” The Pope;no news!” headline on their little boxes from where they dispensed their wares. This was in fact true, within the pages of their papers there was no news of the Pope. So it was all factually true a it shifted quite a few of the papers as there are many Roman Catholics in the City ( generally the Manchester United supporters ) and quite a few … Continue reading The pope;no news…

Ye Olde Sunnye Dryed Tomato

Another from the book: Some Missing Persons . Again the golden words are crafted by my chum wordsmith Gordon Thorburn: Wordweaver I hope you’ve enjpoyed them as much as I enjoyed drawing for them. Visitors to this remote and historic ex-hostelry, far up in the hills where rivers rise, always used to enjoy looking at the old photographs on the wall. These reflected a bygone age when the local produce show was held here, customers formed football and darts teams and turned up in Toyota pick-ups. Those were the days, my friends, when the pub was the social sine qua non … Continue reading Ye Olde Sunnye Dryed Tomato

The King’s Breeches

Here’s another from Some Missing Persons with lovely words by my chum Gordon. Wordsmith’s site He would know a lot about this subject as he was an enthusiast for frequenting such places, “all strictly for research though old chap”. This drawing is rare for me these days as it’s in colour. The original is in colour too, so it has all been hand crafted as they say, a bit like artisan bread.  £3-50 for a loaf of bread? In this case the colour is added using the old fashioned magic marker and then enhanced with chalks for the geeky illustrator types … Continue reading The King’s Breeches

Damp Skoolboy

I like to get out for a walk, whatever the weather and the other day, it was whatever the weather. Rain coming down like stair rods and this called for full kit walking gear. Well “dubbined” boots, that is greased up to keep the wet out of my socks, weather proof coat with inner warm lining zipped up to the chin with hat to steer any drips away from the face area, and rain proof over trousers, which I generally refer to as ‘nipple trousers’ as the waist band reaches this area. I can go out in almost any amount … Continue reading Damp Skoolboy

The Best Dressed Man in the Village

This is another of the pages from my collaboration with Gordon Thorburn and our book Some Missing Persons, now very nearly out of print. Gordon’s site If you are a new visitor to my site there are others scattered around here like this one Man who mends cars… A vacancy has arisen in the post of Honorary Village Figurehead, Titlingham St Margaret. Would suit retired major, colonel or wing commander with wife extant. Applicants must be prepared to chair Parish Council, school governors, et cetera. Naval officers tended to retire on the coast, so the villagers of Titlingham, deep in the heart of … Continue reading The Best Dressed Man in the Village

Man who mends cars…

Sometime in the 1970s, a design engineer had the idea of putting a computer in a car. At that instant, an entire breed was sentenced to death and we can expect Man Who Mends Cars to be virtually extinct in the western world by about 2015AD. Then, there will remain only a few isolated individuals within whom will reside the last shreds of knowledge about how to repair cars rather than psychoanalyse them and reconstitute them with plug-in components. By then, except in Famagusta and at Classic Car rallies, you will never see a Ford Cortina nor any kind of Austin, … Continue reading Man who mends cars…

Paul: Rolls-Royce, Barclays UK, and Mayku are looking for candidates like you.

This is copied from another of those social media places that I’m signed up to. Linked in to be exact. So Rolls Royce are looking for a seventy year old cartoonist, brilliant. I suppose after the banking crisis then Barclay’s too might need a bit of cheering up, and as for Mayku? Well with a name like that you could n’t really make it up could you? Or did some genius in the branding department say in his briefing: ” We need an new name for this company, and we sort of make things for people ( and they do! … Continue reading Paul: Rolls-Royce, Barclays UK, and Mayku are looking for candidates like you.

The nobel prize for knitwear goes to…

I don’t normally make New Years resolutions. I tell myself I don’t want to devalue the previous years wonderful-ness when actually there’s plenty of stuff I could improve on, I am just too lazy. Since I haven’t posted anything since last year (ironically, because I am so lazy) I thought I would list my more achievable […] via It’s January…sort your shit out. — t w o b o y s o n e m u m   I don’t normally re-blog but this one is worth a read, and it’s family. Continue reading The nobel prize for knitwear goes to…

“I shall only buy quality knitwear”

It’s not my New Year’s Resolution, but it came from someone close to me and was delivered as if the words were more like ” I shall seek to achieve the Nobel Prize for Peacemaking”. For myself I’d chosen a resolution of similar insignificance: ” I shall switch my computer off for 2  days per week and do drawing on paper” I’ve so far not managed mine a the knitwear fanatic has not put her resolution to the test just yet. There’s a reason for my switch off resolution and it’s simply do do more practical drawing on paper and not … Continue reading “I shall only buy quality knitwear”