“I shall only buy quality knitwear”

It’s not my New Year’s Resolution, but it came from someone close to me and was delivered as if the words were more like ” I shall seek to achieve the Nobel Prize for Peacemaking”. For myself I’d chosen a resolution of similar insignificance:

” I shall switch my computer off for 2  days per week and do drawing on paper”

I’ve so far not managed mine a the knitwear fanatic has not put her resolution to the test just yet.

There’s a reason for my switch off resolution and it’s simply do do more practical drawing on paper and not to ‘mess about’ in photoshop until darkness falls each day. I assume knitwear fanatic has become allergic to anything that is not pure wool knitted by artisans. Is there such a thing as artisan knitwear, like there is for artisan bread?
£3-50 for a loaf of bread?

I’m working on a set of drawings that are about names and work, as well as another separate theme on Pont, a cartoonist from the 1940’s who did drawings about the British
( See  The British and a fondness for two wheeled travel in leather. ) Drawings are going quite well and it’s fun to do. I’ve been giving some thought to what I might call the exhibition and at the moment ” Any Excuse to draw” is favourite. If anyone has any other thoughts on what to call it then don’t hesitate to let me know, I’m always happy to recycle ideas as my own….” Recycled Ideas” there’s another one. “Quality nit wear?”

Here’s a rough of one of the drawing I’m working on. When I worked in print I was lucky enough to work for loads of lovely customers and the odd odd one. People in alternative therapies were the oddest. In particular women who practised relaxation therapy. They were, in my experience, the most demanding and least relaxed people I ever had to deal with. Lorry drivers and transport companies, on the other hand, were invariably the opposite.

This lady is a relaxation therapist. Her name:Petra Freud. I’ll publish the final nearer the time in August.Thanks for dropping by.




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