Californian Republic

This is the State flag and nothing more than that really. I thought at first that it might be a … More

Completely unjustified!

My second job title when I first started working was : Typographer. I was hardly qualified in many respects and … More

World Cup telly

As an aside from my Californian sojourn we are able to view the World Cup from here. I did this … More

An art scene seen.

We’ve been to LACMA. That is the shorthand for Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I like art galleries, great … More

Picture this.

I’m challenging myself to give you a description without a particularly relevant image, this image is of a small house … More

Give them a break.

It’s a fine balance staying with family. You like to be helpful but essentially you are getting in the way … More

The Barking Lot

It’s the name of a Vet Practice and it can only be in California, or at least the USA. They … More