LA Houses and the menu please.

A stroll away from where we are staying is an area with some pretty fancy houses, and I took a stroll that way just yesterday with the intention of finding my own favourites. Not many people do stroll around these parts. Most of these are the sort of places that have gardeners and automatic watering.

Whilst in Larchmont village, a bit of a misnomer really as it’s just a short area of a very long road that has some very pleasant shops and coffee places there, I was accosted by the other side of this society. As with everyone over here their manners seem to be excellent. Sitting on the floor near a road junction where I planned to take a photograph he spoke to me: ” Can I prevail upon you for a double cheeseburger and some fries sir, I am very hungry”. It’s a first time I’ve been begged at where the menu comes first. I’m sorry to say I did not respond like the local waiters around here with a ” Sure, I’ll be right with you Sir”, just a rather weak “Sorry”. Whilst I was there he wasted no more time with me and asked others nearby, with the same menu, I hasten to add.

After the following junction, the houses. Traffic will stop at a sign like this and you can cross the road here with safety.


This is a smaller model than the norm around here,
but some that look like this are huge at the back.


I like the symmetry with this one, and the colour.
Helped by the Californian sky.


This is almost a face with the two eyes being the dormer windows.
It has an expression of lazy indifference, 
or perhaps I’ve been in the sun too long.


This is a biggie! The colour just would not work anywhere
but California. A Spanish type mansion.


This one is similar


This one has an English country cottage look to it, but on steroids.


My favourite is this one which looks like part of a luxury yacht, lovely lines and dramatic feel. Looked absolutely brilliant in the sunshine. Owners unlikely to worry about what’s on the menu.

5 thoughts on “LA Houses and the menu please.

  1. Good tactic from the begging guy-actually asking for food – making the point that he want food not alcohol or drugs. But unlesss you are actually next to a fast food restaurant who is going to travel to get the food ….. so you just give him the money very clever! I guess I’m a softie. If I’d been next to McDonald I’d have bought the food!

      1. And they say beggars can’t be choosers – how old fashioned is that these days!

  2. Some fine mansions there alright Paul. You watch any American TV show, sit-com or whatever and the rooms always look so enormous … but so attractive some of them! Especially when the weather is great all-year round practically and you can plop into your sparkling swimming-pool any time!

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