Jackson Pollock is alive and well…

…and he’s a housepainter nearby. Just seen this chap from my studio window. He’s decorating a house a few doors down and, in common with many professional house painters ( or so it seems to me ) they have an ability to cover themselves in paint.

This one took the biscuit. His trousers were at a low ebb and were barely hanging on, but then perhaps the dried paint was keeping them up. There was enough paint on his clothes to decorate a small room, he was quite thin.


The red headed brass bandsman…


It’s been like winter here today so here’s a reminder of what it can be like.Taken after my trip to Paradise a few weeks ago, the Forest of Dean Brass Band playing in the park and this chap playing the tuba. I bet he plays rugby too!

Wet days like today are ideal for drawing at the desk, no distractions and as can be seen by today’s activity on the blog a chance to catch up with Siberian border guards.